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About Us

What has gone into making Buffalo Creek Community Church uniquely what it has become?  When the Lord brought a few of us together it became clear in a very short time that there were a few biblical themes being impressed upon us.  These biblical aspects that we initially rallied around are what we call our “focus of beliefs”.  It is from this initial groundwork that the rest of our foundational pieces were built.  Focus of Beliefs 


The central focus was both difficult and simple in nature.  Difficult, in the sense that there are so many great things about the Christian faith to work through and we did not want to leave any fundamental pieces out.  However, a simple focus became clear through our desire to walk in the abundant life that comes through following Jesus.  Since Jesus is the root of our focus and faith, we wanted our core values to display this passion.  Core Values


James 2:17 states, “faith without works is a dead faith”.  Yes, we are excited about our beliefs and values, but these cherished truths are meant to be lived out in community.  Our application to what we hold dear is found in the ways we serve.  The initial ministries listed represent avenues to honor Jesus and grow in our faith together.  Ministries